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We have spent forty years guiding our clients in the good times and in the bad. We are here to help you understand how the events happening around the world could impact your portfolio over the near term and into the future. Market events can be stressful and cause investors to make bad decisions when they are caught up in the emotion of the here and now. We are here to guide our clients in the good times, but most importantly through turbulent waters, when they do inevitably come, so that our clients can achieve their long-term goals despite the challenges that life brings.

Our Services

Retirement Planning: 

  • Our role is to understand the unique circumstance of each client and determine that client’s retirement goals. 
  • We then determine the most suitable investments for each individual client. 
  • We implement the retirement plan based on the client’s needs. 
  • We meet frequently with our clients to monitor their progress towards the retirement goals. 
  • When necessary, adapt our strategy to changing life goals and circumstances  

Investment Planning: 

  • Our role is to understand clients' investment goals, risk tolerance, and financial situation. 
  • We educate clients on the importance of professional investment management, diversification, and asset allocation. 
  • We recommend professional investment management programs based on the individual needs of each client. 
  • We meet frequently with our clients to monitor their progress towards the investment goals. 
  • When necessary, adapt our strategy to changing life goals and circumstances  

College Planning: 

  • We now live in a world where the cost of education continues to rise every year. It is more important now than ever to begin thinking about how to save and invest appropriately to achieve the educational goals you have for yourself, your children, or grandchildren. At Peters Financial, not only do we have more than forty years of experience planning for college expenses, we have the tools, discipline, and foresight to guide you along the way. 

Estate Planning: 

  • There are three stages in a person's financial life: The Accumulation stage, the Retention stage, and the Distribution stage. 
  • In the Accumulation stage, clients are working and Accumulating assets in the form of 401(k)’s, IRA’s, Investment accounts, real property and home equity. In the Retention stage, clients are nearing retirement and have accumulated a nest egg that they need to protect. In the Distribution stage, Clients are ready to retire and begin drawing an income from their retirement assets. 
  • The typical financial tools used in the Accumulation stage are: (1.) Life insurance for wealth creation (in the event of the premature death of a bread winner) (2.) Disability insurance for income protection for the bread winner (3.) Retirement and investment plans to accumulate assets. 
  • In the Retention stage, asset protection plans are important. The different types of risk that should be monitored are investment risk, tax risk, inflation risk, health risk, and litigation risk. 
  • The Distribution stage is a time when we work closely with your attorney to make certain you have the proper wills, trusts, and gifting programs. 
  • Our role is to help safeguard the assets that our clients have worked so hard to achieve, and when appropriate, help them pass those assets to the next generation or to causes that they support.  

Insurance & Risk Management: 

  • A natural part of life are the risks of unexpected catastrophe that we all face. These risks can threaten your financial security and well-being.  
  • Although we all would prefer to not think of hardships, disability, or death, these events happen every day. As your financial advisors, it is important to plan for these undesirable and unexpected events so that we can ensure that you and your loved ones can achieve the lifestyle you desire, even if the unexpected happens. At Peters Financial, we live by the old saying “Prepare for the Worst, Work for the Best”. 
  • Some of the Risk Management tools we utilize to protect our client’s financial wellbeing: 
    • Life Insurance 
    • Long Term Care Insurance  
    • Disability Insurance 

Financial Planning: 

  • Financial Planning can involve all of the above types of planning. According to our clients need, we are able to use a segmented plan which involves one of the above areas of financial planning or a comprehensive plan, which can involve all of the above areas and more. 
  • Financial planning looks at all the aspects of your financial life to determine how to achieve your Retirement, Investment, Estate, and Risk Management goals. 

Business Retirement and Insurance Plans: 

    • 401(k) Plans (Traditional & Safe Harbor) 
    • SEP IRA Plans 
    • Simple IRA Plans 
    • Profit Sharing Plans  
    • Combined 401(k) and Profit-Sharing Plans 
    • Employee Stock Ownership Plans  
    • Solo Defined Benefit Plans  Peters Financial provides white glove service to businesses large and small on how to choose the best retirement plan for you and your employees. We educate you about the different types of plans available, their advantages and disadvantages. We then consider the unique make up of your business, and make a recommendation based on your financial situation and retirement goals. We establish the plan for your business, provide ongoing investment management and administration of your business’s retirement plan, so that you can focus on what matters most, running your business and serving your customers.   

Life Event Financial Counseling: 

  • Death: The death of a spouse or loved one is devastating and can be disorienting for those who are mourning their loss. For the last forty years, we have successfully counseled our clients through the financial uncertainty that often comes with the death of a loved one. We build our portfolios and financial plans to, in most cases, transfer seamlessly to the surviving beneficiaries, so that this difficult time is not made more so by the stress of financial concerns. We are happy to work with your tax and estate attorney to create a plan than ensures your assets transfer smoothly, and ensures your dependents continue to receive the financial support they need.  
  • Marriage & Divorce: If you or a loved one are planning to be married, we are happy to work with you to determine how to fund the expenses that come with a wedding. We also are willing to work with you and your attorney to ensure that your financial assets are protected if things do not work out.