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Our History

Pete started working in the financial services business one week after graduating college in June of 1975. 

Pete - "Very early in my career, I realized that the key ingredient to this profession is SERVICE. It has been said often that “people don’t care what you know unless they know that you care.” Based on that that fundamental principle,  I knew then that the key to having a successful business was to put the needs of our clients first." 

"After several years with large companies, I started my own business.  I wanted focus on building lasting relationships with and working for my clients. In 1983, I attained a Chartered Financial Consultants designation." 

"For over forty years I have been blessed to serve so many businesses and families. I am so grateful that God has granted me the honor of working with so many wonderful people. I love helping our clients achieve their goals. It is also very rewarding to help our clients solve problems and overcome financial challenges. Our clients become our family. 

"I am blessed with an incredible staff. Many of our clients meet with us on a quarterly basis. This keeps our clients updated and helps them not be concerned about the financial world on a daily basis." 

 "Since the beginning, we have spent the time necessary to get to know our clients and their families, so that we can provide the best service possible, earn the honor of and privilege of our clients trust." 

The Peters Financial Logo: 

The Peters Financial Logo is inspired by the pilgrim’s shell of the Camino De Santiago, or The Way of Saint James. The Camino, as it is called, is a walking pilgrimage from Southern France to Northwestern Spain, to the tomb of Saint James the Apostle. 

The scallop shell indicates a journey or pilgrimage; bronze or stone shells mark the path all along the Pilgrim’s Way. Typically, there is a cross in the center of the pilgrim shell, where the bottom of the cross forms an arrow and points the traveler in the right direction for his or her journey. This shell, cross, and arrow have been incorporated into the Peters Financial Logo to reflect the idea of Peters Financial being a guiding beacon in our client’s financial journey.

The shell also speaks to the Peters’ heritage as a fisherman first in Greece, then in Port St. Joe and the Panama City area. The scallop shell is very important to the Peters as many summers were spent as a family fishing for scallops in Port St. Joe, where Pete grew up as a boy.

Pete’s father Ed, in his last years, was no longer able to fish, but instead spent countless hours fashioning scallop shell crosses for his children, grandchildren, friends, and family.

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