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Insurance & Risk Management

Prepare for the Worst, Work for the Best

A natural part of life is the risk of unexpected catastrophes that we all face. These risks can threaten your financial security and well-being. It is important to plan for any unexpected events to ensure that you and your loved ones can achieve the lifestyle you desire. At Peters Financial, we live by the old saying, “Prepare for the Worst, Work for the Best.” 

Pete and Lee Peters discuss life insurance with clients

Risk Management Tools

Life Insurance - Creating a strategy that may help your loved ones is one of the most important and fundamental steps in developing a sound financial approach.

Long Term Care Insurance - There are basically two approaches when considering your long-term care needs: self-insure or purchase long-term care insurance. 

Disability Insurance - It is often overlooked, but disability insurance can play a critical role in your overall financial plan. 


Life Insurance Calculator -  This calculator may help you better assess your family's needs in the event of your untimely death.

Long Term Care Insurance Calculator - Use this calculator to determine your potential long-term care needs and how long your current assets might last.

Disability Insurance Calculator - This calculator may help you better assess the your household's "sources and uses" of money, which is one place to start when considering disability insurance.